Cabaret Abnormal is a production company and brand that thrived in Montreal, Canada from 2016, and has been charming audiences in Melbourne, Australia since 2019. Bringing events that blend the decadence and opulence of Moulin Rouge, that mix with the dark and quirky styles of Tim Burton. They have worked with renown performers such as Queen of Burlesque, Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere and the Number 1 Burlesque Performer as voted in 21st Century Magazine, Zelia Rose.

Since returning to Melbourne, they have showcased their production 'Jinxed' to sold out audiences at The Melba Speigeltent and Midsumma Festival 2020.
Dedicated to combining the weird with the wow, our artists and themes are just a little left-of-centre and are not afraid to step outside the box.  You'll be freaked out and turned on at the same time. But don't worry, you'll be safe - our #circustrash don't bite unless you want them to. Step inside...there's nowhere to hide!


Cabaret Abnormal: The Freaks of Burlesque (2016)

Cabaret Abnormal 2: Vintage Freakshow (2016)

Cabaret Abnormal 3: Broken Toys Burlesque (2017)

Cabaret Abnormal: Montreal Fringe Festival Spectacle (2017)

A Weimar Nightmare (2017)

Grimm Burton: An Abnormal Xmas Spectacle (2017)

Twisted Love: An Abnormal Valentine's Show (2018)

Queens of the Crypt: Montreal Fringe Festival Spectacle (2018)

Welcome to my Nightmare (2018)

Urban Legends Burlesque (2018)

Carnies 'n' Creeps: A Live Music Creepshow (2018)

Freaks et Fantasy (2018)

Jim Henson Burlesque (2018)

JINXED! (2019)

Death Defying Burlesque (2019)

Riot Circus (2019)

JINXED! At Midsumma Festival (2020)


Mikki Michelle is the boss lady and founder of Cabaret Abnormal in 2016. She has a performing arts career that has spanned over 12 years in musical theatre, drama, singing and burlesque.


Mikki moved to Montreal , Canada in 2014 to expand her career in the performing arts. She has since been voted in the Top 10 best promoters in Montreal, as well as building a reputation as one of Montreal's top cabaret producers. 

Now back to her home of Melbourne, Australia, Mikki is once again ready to take the cabaret scene by storm.